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Hong Kong Snap - Classic Card Game

Hong Kong Snap - Classic Card Game

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Hong Kong Snap is a fast reaction, fun card game where attention is the key to turn a matching pair of Hong Kong images. Held within a tin case, it's the perfect game to pop in your bag, take with you and play any time, any place you fancy!

Shuffle the deck and equally deal all the cards amongst the players (2 or more). Each player places their cards, face down, in a pile in front of them. One by one, each player turns their top card onto a new single pile in the center. When a turned card matches the top card of the center pile, the person who calls “SNAP” and places their hand first over the center pile wins all the cards in the pile, they then restart the game. A player who uses up all their cards is out of the game. The game is won by the player who has snapped up all the cards!

  • Tin: 70mm x 96mm
  • Playing Cards: 64mm x 89mm
  • Quantity: 60


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