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Hong Kong Blue - Images & Circles

Hong Kong Blue - Images & Circles

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Vibrant Hong Kong Blues. Images of locations, objects and beautiful details of iconic Hong Kong places and objects all surrounded by street circles are curated together in this collection to create a unique piece of Hong Kong wall art. All circles featured in this collection are found on the streets of Hong Kong during my many wanderings - amongst the circles that are framing the images, there is a double happiness biscuit block, wet market plastic baskets, fresh bean sprouts, tea blocks, an old coin, chopsticks, Chinese Zodiak pocket watch, wishing bowl and garlics to name but a few. See something different every time you look at it!

Did you know that the colour blue in Chinese culture represents wood and symbolizes spring and a positive meaning. Blue also stands for healing, trust and long life. Shades of green and blue are used to decorate homes for longevity and harmony. Beautiful values to bring into your home!

The sizes and prices listed here are the actual image size,  so in the case of the rolled print, there will be an additional 3" white border around the image when you receive the artwork in the packing tube.

For ready to hang canvases, the size listed is the actual finished size of the canvas. Each canvas has white sides and is stretched over a 1.5" stretched bar.

It is available as a ready to hang canvas or rolled print in the following sizes:

  • 60cm x 96cm or 23.62" x 37.8"
  • 80cm x 128cm or 31.5" x 50.39"
  • 100cm x 160cm or 39.37" x 62.99"


    Each piece of art is physically created using archival grade Epson Inks. The paper stock is 250gsm premium Epson paper. The canvas is 100% cotton, weighted approximately 350gsm. The combination of these materials together ensures quality, vibrancy and longevity. To prolong the life of your artwork, please hang the piece away from direct sunlight.

    As each piece of art is printed to order, there is an option to resize or customise the art, if you have a specific size or an idea in mind. Please send us an email enquiry to see what is possible and we can discuss things further.

    The maximum print & matt frame size we can construct is 40" x 60". The maximum canvas we can create is sized 50" x 80". The minimum canvas size is 8" x 8".


    The price listed includes courier shipping across Hong Kong. For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please send an email enquiry on the additional shipping costs.


    This artwork also comes in a natural colour way...




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